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RADIO INTERVIEW, February 25th, 2007

America’s division is the MAIN target of Terrorism!

Ariella Kapelner of KCLA’s “Kaleidoscope Radio Magazine” says that White King and the Doctor is “a MUST READ for all who breathe and think”!

Los Angeles, California – February 22, 2007 -- In an exclusive interview, Ariella Kapelner of KCLA’s Kaleidoscope Radio Magazine, told Lee Kessler that her new suspense novel, White King and the Doctor, gets it right that the terrorists’ main strategy is to DIVIDE AMERICA! Dividing America then causes a watershed of other results, indecision, economic collapse, loss of lives, chaos and confusion!

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A top military general/news analyst and top security professional are raving about the book. Here’s what they have to say:

Paul Vallely, MG US Army (Ret), Fox News Military Analyst, Radio Host of Stand Up America [Author of Endgame—the Blueprint for Victory in the War on Terror] wrote,As I have said on Fox News and radio since 9/11, strategic thinking and planning must connect the dots of international terrorism—the nation-states that support terrorism, the terrorist organizations, and the individual terrorists and their cells. White King and the Doctor makes for a shocking and suspenseful story of immense proportions…I urge everyone to read this book.”

Steve Luckey, International Counter Terrorist Specialist and Security Consultant wrote, ““Lee Kessler gets it! She connects the dots. As an international counter-terrorist specialist, I was highly impressed by her first class, fascinating, fast moving account of a very believable, involving some of the world’s most dangerous terrorists and dedicated American adversaries playing the chess game for keeps. White King and the Doctor combines insightfully accurate detail with suspenseful, highly visual, almost cinematic drama. It’s an intriguing book with a complex and compelling perspective of a very crucial and emotional tactical challenge. I consider this one a “highly recommended rewarding must-read!”

White King and the Doctor will challenge you to think; it will cause you to look at things you’ve never examined; and it will change how you view the world around you, forever.

Based on actual events, it is a suspense novel about the War on Terror, through the eyes of Ayman Al-Zawahiri—the mastermind and second-in-command of Al Qaeda. Zawahiri is playing a diabolical and brilliant game of mind control, using public relations as it has never been used before. His complex game has military, sociological, economic and political consequences. Two men are pitted against him in a desperate race to know what his next move will be, and to locate where he is. One is James Mikolas, a CIA analyst who advances an outrageous theory, and the other is Andrew Weir, an eighteen-year-old Grandmaster chess champion who proves it.

The actual events of our current history are tied together with a back-story that paints a suspenseful and provocative picture of a never-before-played game.

The book is available at Lulu.com (www.Lulu.com/LeeKessler) and on Amazon, Borders and Barnes & Noble.


Lee Kessler is a television actress, playwright, and stage director. Her career in Hollywood and New York spans 28 years and includes dozens of guest starring roles in episodic TV, mini-series and movies-of-the-week. She had re-occurring roles in the series “Hill Street Blues” and “Matlock,” and was submitted for Emmy nomination twice for her starring roles in the movie “Collision Course,” and the ABC special, “Which Mother Is Mine?” She co-starred with Peter O’Toole in the movie “Creator.” Her play, “Anais Nin—the Paris Years,” was produced in New York and Los Angeles, with a subsequent tour on the West Coast. She also directed the West Coast premiere of A.R. Gurney’s “Who Killed Richard Cory?


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